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One-on-one tutoring that works
The reading brain - dyslexia - Chili Learning Center, Dsylexia Tutoring, Fresno, OH

1 in 5 people have dyslexia

(according to Yale University)

Watch Nick's mom tell his success story - how Nick brought home his first straight A report card after tutoring at Ohio Dyslexia Center (Chili Learning Center)

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“…dyslexia is a hidden disability, and because there was no physical proof of it, like a broken bone visible on X-ray, skeptics tried to explain it away. At long last, thanks to functional imaging, dyslexic readers have the proof they have been seeking. These remarkable images provide concrete evidence of the physical reality of their reading difficulty.”​

"After more than a century of frustration, it has now been shown that the brain can be rewired and that struggling children can become skilled readers."

- Sally Shaywitz, Yale Center of Learning and Attention

Time yourself reading the paragraph below out loud.

I got this font from a dyslexic designer in the UK who designed this font to simulate how hard it is for dyslexic people to read.

See the next paragraph for the interpretation. 

dyslexia font for website.PNG

We are working hard to build a new home for the Ohio Dyslexia Center on US 36 in Coshocton, OH to bring our evidence-based literacy instruction to the 6000+ children who live within a 40-minute drive who are not proficient readers. See for details. 

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